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Constant issues with Note 20 Ultra

(Topic created: 07-16-2021 09:35 AM)
So bought my Note 20 Ultra back August 2020 when it released. About a month in the screen was having issues, so sent it back to Samsung for repair, comes back with the rear cameras not working properly, Samsung says it not covered under warranty, even tho it just came back from them a day later and just noticed it, now they this is where they screw the customer over and say it's not under warranty, say I'm responsible for a $700 repair fee. Excuse me Samsung really I'm going to pay for your mistake, no... especially when I was told by Tech support I was just sending my phone in for an exchange. Called the dispute center, they cant do anything for me. Samsung tech says the damage was in the area of the sim card tray, tried to explain to them that you guys just had the device and now things aren't working when you send it back... "uh sorry sir we cant do anything about it".. yea cant do anything about your techs breaking customers devices. So get the phone back and now the forward camera isn't working, when it was working before I sent it in. They just love breaking our phones so they can make more money off of it. I do note I had Samsung Care+ and warrenty protection. Has anyone else ever had an experiences with Samsung breaking your phone and sending it back to you? 
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