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Contact updating & Contact indexing

(Topic created: 09-21-2022 02:19 AM)

Dear all.

I purchased Note 20 Ultra about a 2 months ago. For one month it was ok. But after some time When I click at contact then it shows contact indexing. and take long long time for contacts. And at same time it start shutting down most of software especially contact and social app. Then I make hard reset. And reinstall all my data. Then for about a week every thing was ok. But from last 3 days the matter become more worst. Now when I click at contact it just shows contact updating and it run for hours and nothing. And shut down the contacts app and social app same time. Even it don't allow me copy or move my contacts to galaxy or other google account.  Before I do. it shut down the app. due to this I take my old Note 8 and restore from the same Note 20 Ultra. But it work fine. I really feed up from this. Any one can help. I contact Samsung Japan (at moment I am in Japan) they told me your phone is from Hongkong. I Open chat Hongkong Samsung page for more than 5 hours. And no body reply. Now I have no other choice to throw this phone. And when it shut down the app it give a less than second time about the error. And the error become close in second with out going to report or read.  

Any one can help please.























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