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Dear Samsung.

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Dear, Honored, Samsung. 

I am a enthusiastic user of your Galaxy Note series smartphone. I am currently using the Note 20 5G Ultra (AT&T) 512Gb version. I like the phone very, very much! I even bought a 512Gb SD memory card to increase the storage capacity of my phone.
This phone, practically replaces my laptop PC. If I could access my Star Trek Online MMORPG program, I would almost 'retire' my laptop PC!
There's just 'one' painfully annoying aspect of operating my Note 20 5G Ultra smartphone....
The cord that came with my phone, is AGONIZINGLY SHORT, and EXCRUCIATINGLY FRAGILE.
The recharging cords 'length', doesn't even reach one meter. When I am required to take my charger with me, I have serious difficulty charging my phone, because I can't safely plug my phone into a wall outlet, while being able to be seated near the phone and monitor its recharging process. 
Can you also please explain why the plastic that covers the USB-C connector on the charging cord, 'breaks' so easily? The usb-c to usb-c charging cord that came with my phone, literally fell apart, within a month of starting to use it. Surely if you went to great lengths to design, build, and mass produce a phone as formidable as the Note 20 5G Ultra, you would also set about designing a reliable means of keeping the phone supplied with power.


Submitted, Respectfully....
P.S. Please excuse my poor grammar, and lack of proper punctuation. Unfortunately, I've been very remiss in studying those subjects in school.
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