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Delayed Notifications after April 2021 Security Update

(Topic created: 05-15-2021 06:09 AM)
I'm getting delayed notifications after the recent April 2021 Security Update. Google released a fix around April 8th, but my notifications are still delayed. The ones I needed the most were working fine, yet I don't think all of my notifications worked completely from all my apps. I don't know now because I have the update and all but one app is delayed. Sometimes that one app is delayed, but usually it's not. My most important ones are Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Outlook. It's Outlook I'm having the seriously delayed notifications and it's To Do which is almost perfect. Everything else I'm not worried about at the moment. My Outlook calender is supposed to send me event notifications, but they're seriously delayed. I don't know what else to do. I've disabled Data Saver and Optimized Battery Usage. I've turned off Android Adaptive Notifications. Is this a bug that still needs to be fixed or is anyone else having this problem? This is my first Android phone, so maybe I'm overlooking something. I got it in January. I got a Note 20 Ultra. 
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