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Feedback/Echo during video calls across all 3rd party apps

(Topic created: 05-24-2021 04:20 PM)
My wife and I just got new Note 20s to replace our note 9s. We video a lot as work often separates us and we each hear our own feedback to the point of making any conversations useless. Phone calls are fine, but any video calling app including Duo, Whatsapp, Google Meets, Signal, etc has bad feedback. I have tried lowering the volume, holding it in my hand vs on a stand, restarting, updating, tinkering with Dolby Atmos, clearing the cache partition, etc. The built in video calling function has good audio without the feedback issue but the video quality is awful and always pixelated even on wifi. 2 new phones with a crippling defect that robs it of its most basic functionality. I've searched online and have noted that this issue has been reported since late 2020 without any real solutions posted. Particularly concerning is that I have not seen Samsung officially comment/recognize this issue. I'm within the buyers remorse window and am strongly considering returning the phone. Who wants a phone you can't even use to talk to people? Please let me know if anyone has found a solution as I would like to stay put if possible.
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Cosmic Ray
Samsung won't acknowledge this issue at all and will never fix. Support will ask you to clear cache and start phone in safe mode and check. Tried everything and nothing works. Will switch back to my S8+ which is bug free.

Sounds like an issue with the phone if it's happening across apps. I suggest submitting an issue through the Samsung Members app they can get to you faster on this and help with ur video call situation. Good luck