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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra dual SIM international unlocked will not connect to 5G on Metro PCS

(Topic created: 07-03-2021 05:19 PM)

I just got the Galaxy note 20 ultra dual SIM International unlocked Version and I have had it  For 3 days now and it will not connect to the 5G network. My husband and I have the exact same Carrier metro PCS The only difference is his phone cost $600  Less than this one and it has never once said 4G. The people at metro PCS have tried to figure it out and they said there is absolutely no reason why it should not be connected to the 5G network. I. I've gone through the settings and changed it to 5GThey have "reset me on the network" which is just BS Speech for "we don't know what else to do So we're gonna disconnect the phone now good luck"

 Does anybody else know how to fix this or is this just a defective phone it's ridiculous that I'm sitting right by my husband with his Samsung Galaxy 20FE With 4G On my phone while his has full 5G service
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