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Gallery app indexes my SD card despite me telling it NOT TO via .nomedia files

(Topic created on: 1/26/21 7:15 PM)
I have a 1TB microSD card filled with hundreds of audiobooks in my Note20Ultra.

Each audiobook subfolder has a cover image that represents the book and I absolutely DO NOT want Samsung's gallery app to index anything in this root sdcard/AUDIOBOOKS folder.

I've tried manually to create .NOMEDIA files and also tried downloading a specific app designed to include/exclude directories via .NOMEDIA and have even included mass .nomedia additions to my SD Card.

All attempts have failed.

Which means, I have HUNDREDS of undesired cover images that are cluttering up my gallery app.

Perhaps me adding .nomedia files worked and the gallery simply needs to be refreshed, but I am not sure how to do that. 

I've tried clearing the cache and data of the gallery up with no luck.

...and no, I am not going to manually exclude 500+ "albums" from the gallery app either.

So, how TF do I make sure the gallery app ignores everything under /SDCARD/AUDIOBOOKS and doesn't index any images?

I've been scouring the internet for weeks trying to solve this problem without any luck.
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