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Hands Free Voice recording

(Topic created on: 6/7/21 12:02 PM)
Cosmic Ray

[Asked a few months ago - no responses - let's try this again, now that the device has been on the market a while.]

Is there any way to do hands free voice recording on a note 20 ultra? I.e., use Bixby or Google to start either the voice recorder or samsung notes in voice mode. I seem to be able to get Bixby to open the voice recorder, but not start it. And then there's the question of stopping a recording - either by voice command, or silence (and, if the latter, any way to restart and continue rather than have to start a new note?). I like to take notes while driving - and it sure would be easier to do it hands free.

Follow-up. What about doing this with a bluetooth mic, or earbuds, while the phone is in one's pocket?

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Red Giant
You'd probably have to invest in a dictation app, if you can't find a good free one, but I don't know of one offhand.