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Has anyone figured out the camera focus problem yet?

(Topic created: 07-28-2022 01:29 PM)
I have the camera focus issue that others have spoken of in so many different forums. Does anyone know if it actually is a software issue and not a physical defect? I've had a galaxy phone since the galaxy s2 and I've been extremely disappointed in such a flaw to have been introduced whether physical or software.

I have a video of exactly what happens, watch zoom closely and what happens. I've tried everything from cache clearing, camera reset settings, basically my "fix" which works after several attempts is to hold my fingers over the camera to cover the lenses completely, remove them, and sometimes it'll finally focus correctly. My camera is essentially worthless 90% of the time. And of course it's been past a year, so no warranty, which in a just world should be irrelevant when it happens to multiple amounts of people, making it an inherent defect.

Note in case it's relevant: I have a Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N986U
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I also have the Note 20, but I don't know anything about a focus issue. Do you mean that your phone's camera can't focus properly? Do you experience the same problem with the magnification tool?Screenshot_20220728-175600_One UI Home_6454_1659051738.jpg