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Has anyone have issue with Note 20 Ultra display?

(Topic created: 11-17-2021 06:25 PM)

Hello all,

I'm having a serious issue about my Note 20 Ultra recently and I'm helpless. Hope someone can give me a recommendation of what to do.

I accidentally hit my Note 20 Ultra's display during May 2021. I took it to Samsung's official support store for repair. It cost me about 400 dollars to change a new display. I had no problem paying it because it was my fault.

Then, after 4 months, when I was typing some messages on whatsapp, the display suddenly blacked out. I rapidly took it to the same store again (I was able to make and receive phone calls connecting my car's speaker over bluetooth on my way there). The store checked the phone and on the next day they told me that I had to change a new display. Again. I asked them why. My phone was never dropped nor hit nor got wet or something. All they said was that I needed to change a new display. They said that they can't do anything because the 3 months warranty was already expired.

I asked them the price for the display, and they told me that it is now about 770 dollars! 770 dollars for a display after 4 months of using it?!!! For that price, I can already purchase another new phone. I still can't accept that an original display can only last 4 months.

Has anyone have this kind of experience? Any recommendation of what I can do?

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Do you experience this anywhere else other than WhatsApp?


if you are able to recover the display's functionality then you can try to submit error report to Samsung Members after reproducing the issue once more. 

But if you cannot get the display to work again, then you may be out of luck and really need to replace the display. The price may have increased due to supply issue as you may already know... you can try to do a DIY but that will most likely result in non-OEM part that is much dimmer and no guarantee of 'on-par' spec.

not to mention possibility of damaging the phone unless you have the proper tools to make the process easier.

😕 i wonder if the display manufacturer has a warranty of its own. It wouldn't hurt to look into it