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How do I group notifications from the same app

Hi all,

I thought this would be a simple setting, but I haven't been able to find it.  I just upgraded from a Note 9 to the Note 20 Ultra.   On my Note 9 (Android 10 One UI V2.5), when, for example, I receive multiple messages on Facebook Messenger, I see a single notification in the status bar and on the lock screen.    On my note 20, for each individual chat, a separate notification icon is displayed which takes up a lot of space and is annoying.   I can't figure out how to change this behavior so  that Messenger, for example, at most displays 1 notification icon.  The Note 20 also has Android 10 and One UI V2.5.     Can anyone tell me how to get this grouping behavior on the new phone.   I've spent a good amount of time trying to research this, but I've failed miserably to find a solution.


Thank you ! -- Jeff Gaiche