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Is it Possible To Have Certain Audio Capabilities Added?

It is nice having things like Dolby Atmos, 32-bit depth, and 192kHz sampling frequency capabilities on my Note 20 Ultra, but I have some friendly criticism to make in having those kinds of high end audio capabilities. At the same time you have that, you don't have some other and basic/simple audio features that could be found on various even low end audio/video equipment. Things like bitstreaming/pass-through audio out, or multichannel/speaker channel selection support.

I mean compared to what goes into developing the hardware and software that gives a phone Dolby Atmos, a high bit depth, and high sampling frequency support. Programming in bitstreaming support seems like it would be a walk in the park.

Ignorance may play a role in my criticism, but why not add support for those kinds of features? (or can you do something already to add those) I think it'd be awesome to be able to just use something like Samsungs Multiport USB-C Adapter and be able to bitstream 5.1 DTS/Dolby Digital Plus audio to my receiver from movies stored on my phone and/or from various streaming apps. 

It may just be the audio/video geek in me, but I find the whole thing a bit odd. It reminds me of something that has always bewildered me, like when I see people spend several grand on a superb picture quality TV that's 80+ inches, and then connect something like a sound bar to it, or vice versa, people with something like a $5K+ surround sound system with something like a mid grade 4K 55 inch TV, which also happens to be placed 12+ feet away from the main viewing seating. And I say all that to give an analogous example of how half done, how partially awesome having those high end audio features are.

I don't mean to rant, but is there a way those features could be implemented, or given as suggestions to Samsungs phone developers for consideration? Heck, if Samsung implemented those features into their Galaxy line of phones, as far as I know, they'd be the first. Samsungs Galaxy line of phones could easily be made into a sort of movie geared HTPC, or something like Nvidias Shield TV Pro.