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Issues on front camera

(Topic created: 06-29-2022 08:03 PM)
I don't see a way to be able to attach a picture to show what this issue is that I'm having with my Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G, I just noticed it today, when using my front camera to take a selfie or record video, there is a section on both sides, from top to bottom, about a half an inch wide, on the left it's purple and on the right it's yellow. My phone has not been dropped, it doesn't have water damage, I haven't added any new apps or anything lately, I haven't removed any either.
The first thing I thought was maybe I had some sort of filter or enhancement lens thing on, I checked all of my filters and it's all set to original, I don't know where else to check. I don't often use things to enhance my pictures, so if it happened, it was while it was in my pocket, if something is turned on, but I have no clue what that something might be.
 Can anyone please help me in figuring out what this is, why it's doing it, how to make it go away, etc? Thanks so much.
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take it to authorized repair center for display diagnosis or maybe even Front Camera module checkup. even if you don't drop the phone it could be damaged from bumping into things (especially if you bump the edges). Or it may even be just random defect.