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Issues with notifications since watch is connected

(Topic created: 05-15-2021 05:36 PM)

Hi guys, I have a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I purchased recently a Samsung Watch 2. I turned all notification setting OFF for the watch via Wearables. This works great. Major issue now is on the phone. I have it AOD and since the watch is connected I do not receive notifications on the phone WITH  a sound. This only happens, with sound, when I have actively the screen on. If the phone just sits somewhere, I see the notifications on the display, but the phone does not make a single beep. This is very annoying and got me already in trouble at work since I even haven't heard anything is coming in.  I did not change any sound and notification setting on the phone since I got the watch. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks so much!

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