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It's time to stop playing games with prices - we need a Note Happy Meal Phone!

(Topic created on: 12/29/20 8:57 AM)

Apple has seen the wisdom of making a phone for the folks who cannot or will not spend $1000 on a smart phone!  As laptop prices have fallen, it's time for major cellphone makers (SAMSUNG) to build a HAPPY MEAL smartphone.  One with an S-Pen, squared-off bezels (NO WATERFALL!!) and a strong case that can withstand drops!  Who in the heck wants GLASS on the BACKSIDE of their phone??  For what purpose?  The Happy Meal can have 'last years' processor', fewer cameras, but it is a GREAT PHONE that makes and receives calls and texts (99% of all phone users) - and has decent battery life and can recharge wirelessly.  Stop marketing prices "after trade-in" as that leaves out people who don't buy frequently.  A $499 or $599 phone is going to sell millions of units.  Honestly you have a 100% markup in your phones, so that $999 phone COULD sell for somewhere around 599 IF YOU WANTED TO!  Would you rather drown in unsold units or MOVE THEM off the shelf and deprive APPLE of incremetal sales of THEIR happy meal phone?  (iPhone SE)  LESS (markup) is MORE (sales) - doesn't require a genius to see it, particularly when people are worried about paying RENT...and while you're at it - howsa bout including a TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR pre-installed at the factory??  NO CHARGE!  Duh!  Given most folks drop their phones...anything you could do to spare them from a broken screen...WORTH IT!  Much more likely they drop onto a hard surface than they drop it in the swimming pool or toilet!

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