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Keys Cafe with Handwriting

(Topic created: 05-10-2021 09:19 AM)
Hey Samsung, 

I'm loving the Keys Cafe module/app in Good Lock! But for my devices that is an SPen is a little distracting/disorienting when writing on the keyboard and seeing roles of color each time the SPen touches the screen. Could you add a switch that allows you to turn off the color effects just for handwriting mode? Or even add an additional feature being that that allows users to customize the colors and effects of the SPen trails, instead of just blue? 

Of course if you could change/add those features, could you also change the handwriting UI/UX back to how it use to be? Allowing users to scribble out words or letters they wish to delete or draw Carets to insert letters and words they missed. That was a MUCH more versatile and efficient mode. 
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