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Cosmic Ray

Live Caption on Note20 Ultra 5G

Press the Volume Rocker and GO TO Volume Slider Pop-up and click the down Arrow.

It will open and expand downward reveal other volume sliders.

At this time the Radio Switch button we are looking for to depress and activate (turn on) is at the very bottom!

The Title Name of selection to look for is 

Live Caption (Under this it reads) 

Automatically Caption Media

By Pressing it and turning it on you will know it's activated by seeing the switch turn blue! (could be different color in Dark Mode or if you have a custom theme).

Message Popup

Captions Appear when Specht is Detected 

This message will be triggered and shortly after if you are playing some sort of audio file or have a video playing A System Dialogue box will pop up and you will see text auto-generated.

Double tap on dialog Box and the box expands!