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Lost my trust on this unit and brand (Black Screen Problem)

(Topic created on: 3/11/21 7:33 AM)

I had a screen problem with my Sam Note 20 Ultra 5g, the screen got black but you can hear the sounds and alerts. This happened twice, the first one- it came to life after 20 hrs. The second- 72 hrs! Now they wont replace it with a new unit, they would just repair it and change the LCD! A very frustrating event for a High end phone which was used for less than 5 months! This will be my last Samsung! I'm gonna switch to other brand after this. 

Black screen problem of Samsung Note 20 Ultra is not just an isolated case. It happens to many users around the world but Samsung had yet to issue a statement on this and give at least a compensation for the stress it gives to thier users. 

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