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My replacement issue in Samsung Philippines has been pending for almost 2 months now

(Topic created: 08-04-2021 04:50 AM)

My Note20 Ultra had a dark screen on June 16. According to the service center, they need to replace the phone because parts aren't available. For a month, I have been following up for any update but they can't give me anything.

Around Mid July, the Case Manager from head office told me that they will be sending the Letter of Approval to my preferred branch. They even asked me where my preferred branch is. The Case Manager also said I can get my phone in a week. However, on August 1, they said the same thing. Apparently, the case manager hasn't done what he said he will do.

Now, on August 4, when I went on the live chat, I was advised that they changed the case manager. If I didn't message them I  wouldn't even know that they changed the case manager for my case.

Is there anything I can do about this? Can I report the team to a specific person? I have been using only my laptop for 1 month now. I need a phone and it's causing me a lot of delays and even causing detriment on my mental health.

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