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N20U Won't Recognize SD Card, HELP

As the the title says my note 20 ultra is not recognizing my SD card. The SD card is a few years old, maybe 3 at most, it's Samsung brand and worked great in my s8+ the entire time I had it. Am I missing something, it's inserted correctly, there's no damage, the phone just won't recognize it. It most contains music but there are pics of my son that I want. I most kept all my pictures on the phone memory itself and often would upload the pics to my comp, USB card, and cloud storage.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: N20U Won't Recognize SD Card, HELP

I can't tell from your post. Is this the first time that you have tried the SD card in the Note 20 Ultra? or was it working and then quit working?


If it is the first time you tried it in you Note 20 Ultra --> When it was in your S8+ did you choose the option to encrypt the SD card? If so, you must put the SD card back into the S8+ and turn off this option. When you turn it off, the S8+ will decrypt the card. Then your Note 20 Ultra should recognize it.