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New Ideas for Samsung Notes, as well as some tweaks

Hey Samsung,

Seeing as how you introduced the feature of being able to add photos to Notes with free movement and to save a Note as a Microsoft PowerPoint slide, could you please add in a feature that allows users to add playable videos into a Note? I think it would be a great addition for those that try to create their own infographics using the app.

Also some things that I feel need to be adjusted: 
- Eraser Tool
When its switched from erasing Lines to "Areas" its far from a smooth action. If you scribble from side to side with the Highlighter tool and then try to erase through the center, you can then see numerous overlapping pen strokes. You should see the same consistent colored area but with a line through it where you erased. It completely changes that appearance. 

-Pen Mode
The paint brushes strokes resemble a mix between a crayon and an air brush. The edges of the lines are chalky, when they should be.... like a paint bush..

-Handwriting Mode for Keyboard
I don't know who's idea it was or why, but the UI/UX for the area of the keyboard used for handwriting needs to be charged back to the way it was before One UI 2.5. All of the versatility has been removed! You can no longer strike through text to erase it, instead of having to tap or hold the Delete button. You can no longer add words or letters by drawing them into place; Mainly because after you stop writing for a second, your handwriting quickly disappears and appears in the text field it was intended for. You can no longer see the previous of your text in the handwriting area.