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Note 20 5G (SM-N981UZAAXAA) Bluetooth / Windows 10 Sync Issues

My Note 20 5G does not connect to Windows 10 via bluetooth. The devices will pair and the connection status in Windows reads, "connected" but the connection status on the phone reads, "Couldn't Connect". The Your Phone app and Link to Windows messeges feature does not sync correctly either, and the Your Phone app on Windows frequently loses connection to the phone. All devices are on the same WiFi network and I had no issues with my previous phone (Galaxy S10e) under the same conditions. These issues are the same when trying to connect to my desktop PC as well as a Surface Pro X, both using Bluetooth 5. Are there known issues with bluetooth and Link to Windows on these phones?


Re: Note 20 5G (SM-N981UZAAXAA) Bluetooth / Windows 10 Sync Issues

Just bought note 20.  I also had a difficult time connecting bluetooth to my laptop.  I just wouldn't pair.  It shows a passkey, then the message couldn't connect, check settings of the device.  After weeks of searching, going through different settings on my laptop and note 20, I came across the solution.  Under Devices and Printers in windows 10, I clicked add device, then pop-up window shows search for device - at the top , it says Add device to this pc.  My note 20 eventually appeared on the list of devices that my laptop can detect.  I chose it, then a prompt asked if the passkey is the same as the one on shown on note 20.  I clicked yes, then it started installing additional files.  After the installation, my note 20 can now connect to my laptop via bluetooth.  My only frustration is I couldnt find this instruction anywhere.  Had I not accidentally stumbled on it after tinkering with the settings, i would still not be able to resolve this problem.  Manyy say it is windows problem or android problem.  It turns out that there is some installation needed.  Grrr.  Windows and Samsung, can't you make this any easier?