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Note 20 Ultra 5G & Samsung's Bad Customer Service

I bought a new phone from because i wanted more memory (512gb vs. 128gb from phone company) and when i took it to Verizon to swap out the SIM card the Sim card tray wouldnt come out.  I was told by the cell phone rep to contact Samsung directly since i bought it from them.  I left a bit disappointed because I was sent a broken phone by Samsung but I thought "Hey these things happen during the manufacturing process sometimes, I am sure Samsung will make it right" and boy was I wrong.  

After wasting my time talking with an Online Representative from Samsung and the phone support for Customer Service for 2-3 hours of my time (half of it being on hold) they told me they would be happy to have it repaired or route me to Technical Support.  Why should i have to repair a phone that should have been new, that hasnt been out of the box more than 5 minutes and hasnt even been turned on?  I asked for what I thought was fair and that is a replacement new phone, not a repaired broken phone, not a refurbished phone. 

Who wants to pay around $1,500 for a broken phone?  Appearently Samsung thinks you want to.

I am returning the phone to get my money back because Samsung doesnt want my business or loyalty so I am taking my money to a company who stands behind their product.

I will be informing my friends, family, coworkers and anyone who will listen online about Samsung's Customer Service and Return Policies so that they can make informed decisions about whether they want to give them their business.  Good Luck...