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Note 20 Ultra 5G wasn't getting One UI 5.1 update notification

(Topic created: 08-08-2023 08:52 AM)

Hello Samsung!

Sorry but literally I was feeling really disturbed & shocked as well, while I was seeing my mentioned device is re-staring itself couple of times in a day without any reason like over heating / power failure and so on.

Somehow, I understood it is because of OS wants to get updated & the software wasn't able to get the update.

From last April'23 I was knocking Samsung Official Team from India + Bangladesh unfortunately I was not getting the solution I needed.

There general response was once official UPDATE roll out I will get update & still there is no update for me yet! It is strange right ?

You might ask me, why I didn't walk in to the Samsung service center... well, they didn't ask me to visit there.

Also, I'm not sure why sim number is UNKNOWN showing in the ABOUT PHONE section.

Neither I'm not seeing the option of eSIM ! 
Under IMEI eSIM number is looking hidden type or not visible, but I can still read the eSIM IMEI number.

Very lastly, today I have contacted with Samsung US & gave them total information & through SMART TUTOR I showed all the points I could, I don't know how much they can help with the issues, they said they have sent all information's to the concern team.

BTW, I heard Samsung Bangladesh is giving kind of service is not a goods service at all, I'm not sure.

In the end, I wish I could come over of all these issues & can enjoy the handset until I might change it.

Thank you all for your time.

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Community Manager

I apologize, but you have reached technical support for products manufactured for usage in the United States. Please visit https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html to find your country's support page.