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Note 20 Ultra Wifi 5GHZ no longer Visible

(Topic created on: 3/2/21 11:42 PM)

Hello. So I have a Note 20 Ultra with 5G capable mobile connection. 5G mobile is not my issue though. I'm in west Africa, using a 5G speed internet provider. The way our network is set up is with both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. When I first arrived I connected my phone to the 5ghz. It worked fine. Both were always visible as an option. The power cut out and when we got it fixed and the internet back up my phone no longer could see the 5ghz option. 


I've tried to reset my network settings and even manually add the network in the options to no avail. The 5ghz band is still broadcasting, I know this because my Xbox one x and my families other devices are able to see and connect(5ghz) with no issue. Idk how my phone just lost the option. I know this phones NIC card is 5ghz capable. Is there something I can do here. Please any help is appreciated. I was using GeForce now easily to play games on my internet, but it needs a 5ghz connection to work smoothly. This even worked with no issues back in the United States before I got here. There was an android update that I did when I first arrived but I think I had already connected to the wifi by that point. Not sure what to do. Thanks  

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