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Note 20 Ultra screen design a failure.

(Topic created: 08-02-2021 09:07 AM)

So, I've now broken my screen for the 2nd time and I will take the blame for both. Dropped onto hard objects both times. So here are my issues with the design:

1. Edge Screen (curved screen). Who wants this? I've found no practical reason for it in my usage. Had a Note 8 before this as well that had it. Just makes protecting the screen impossible, due to not being able to have a raised edge on the case.

2. Finger Print Scanner behind the screen. I have dropped my Note 3 and Note 8 multiple times on hard surfaces and suffered only a cracked screen protector (shout out to Spigen for having the best glass screen protectors on the market). The fingerprint scanner makes glass screen protectors a tough sell (so much so, Spigen doesn't even make one). They either have to be adhered to the screen with a potentially messy and definitely fussy procedure, or will have a visible adhesive square or dot under the protector where the FP scanner is.

I so wanted to get the Note 20 over the 20U, solely because of the flat screen, but the stripped nature of the phone made it a no deal (no SD slot being primary). 

Is anybody at Samsung listening here? Or am I wasting my time? These stupid design choices are ruining your phones. 

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