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Note 20 Ultra.

I should have kept my S9.
Not as fast. A good erase once a year kept the camera zippy.
Lousey battery life. 
If you don't use the phone it burns 2% per hour.(nice)
Use the phone for watching TV. Lasts 4.00 hours. (Bad)
Screen size equivalent to a longer S9 plus. Not wider like the Note 1. 
I miss that phone. It just got too slow.
No macro closeups on camera.
Zooming makes picture quality blurry. While taking picture and after the picture is taken.
The Camera is useless. The S9 took better pictures.

I like only 1 thing. The 1 hour charge.

Moral of the story? Keep your S9 as long as you can. 
The only reason I switched is because AT&T software does something to the phone where it wouldn't work with Altice or get a $20 for life plan from $30 a month savings on my phone plan paid for this phone along with a $400 buyback from Samsung for my S9 and another $100 worth of internet coupon codes helped. Keep your S9 if you can..
I'm not impressed. I saw people complain about the S20.

Re: Note 20 Ultra.

I have a Note 8 (using) Note 9 (new) Note 10 and 10 plus all new except Note 8.

The Note 8 is starting to lag so I'm going to sell it and probably use the Note 9 as the Note 10's are factory unlocked and the 10+ is the awesome iridescent white (hard to find) and still the fastest out there.

I would like to put Android 10 on my Note 8 to see if it helps performance.
Any suggestions to installing it and where?

Re: Re: Note 20 Ultra.

When my Samsung phones become sluggish. I put whatever I can on my SD card in the phone and do a full erase once a year. There's always 10 gigabytes of junk on the phone that you just don't know where it comes from and no cleaner app can find this system clutter. So do a full erase on your phone once per year and put your apps back in from scratch like I usually do. you'll feel so much better. don't forget to back up your phone contacts in different places just to play it safe (Nortons, Google, and or manually). getting them back is alittle sketchy. ALSO THE Note 20 Ultra was the toughest phone I ever had to set up. I had to do EACH and EVERY setting individually. nothing worked until I went into setting to set it up. they even changed the ring tones and notification sounds. it was the toughest rollover to a new phone that I've ever seen.
Samsung went and got stupid with their customers. NOT GOOD.