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Note 20 ultra issues

So ever since I got my note 20 ultra I've been having issues. At first it was battery drain, constant image retention, calibration issues with the spen, the camera crashing, and wifi/data issues. After a factory reset i no longer have most of those problems, but some are still there.


The current issues I face are image retention that's worse than anything I've used before. Example is a large piece of text or the keyboard being open for just a few seconds and I will continue to see the shadow of them for several seconds (never happened on my last 3 samsung phones).


The battery still isn't that good compared to what people are testing and giving examples of, even though I usually turn off battery draining apps, widgets, features, etc.


Last but surely not least the camera itself will crash and not open unless I restart my phone, and this happens at least a few times a week. It can get annoying when I want to video call or snap chat or take a photo.


I have already factory reset my phone and I use dark mode to reduce the whites. Any help would be appreciated. 

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Note 20 ultra issues

@userem11SP8DbV if you are seeing image retention after just getting the phone, you must have the brightness set extremely high. That would also explain the battery drain that you are reporting. 


Additionally, I would boot your phone in safe mode and see if the camera crashes go away while booted in safe mode. If they do, you have a 3rd party app that is causing the crash.