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Note 20 ultra one UI 3.0 bug swipe down notification problem

(Topic created on: 1/17/21 6:48 AM)

Good morning, after i got oficial android 11 update, i have two problems, it happens very often, WHEN I GOT A NOTIFICATION, IN LOCKSCREEN, I CAN t SWIPE DOWN THE NOTIFICATION, is like there is not touch detection, YES IT WORKS SIDE TO SIDE, AND WORKS WIDGETS ON LOCKSCREEN, the only problem is that, I CANT SWIPE DOWN, after i unlock once or twice the phone, it works perfect, --


another bug is , in main screen , when i swipe down the notification, when i swipe once, is perfect, but when you do the second swipe down to see all the notification, it not appear complet, until you touch it and shows complete, , when you do two or three swipes, tl appear complete, always in the second swipe..

i try to unistall a lot of apps, and ( reestablecer ajustes), and the problem continius....


please help

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