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Note 20 ultra screen broken

(Topic created on: 3/8/21 3:02 AM)

I've had my note 20 ultra since August.  Enjoyed it since then until 2 days ago.

I dropped it from approximately 3 feet, I can't turn my brightness all the way down without getting a green tint, and flickers. There's a thin horizontal line across the screen, no cracks or scratches. Fairly disappointed, it was the first drop. My Google pixel took and endured a fiercer beating.

Congrats on not cracking or scratching, but I expected it to endure a fall. It was in it's case and it did have a screen protector on. The warranty doesn't cover it another let down. It's like salt upon wounds right now just because it was such a minor fall.

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Cosmic Ray
Why can't you use the warranty? If it's not physically damaged (cracked, scratched, etc) then in "theory" you could say the display just started acting up.