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Note20 Ultra 5G won't update from Android 10 to 11

(Topic created on: 2/13/21 2:48 PM)
Hi I have a note20 ultra and the phone will not update to the new security patch .. I am still in September 2020 and the same goes for the one ui. I am on 2.5 Android 10
I have tried to manually update and I keep getting a message that my software is up to date. I know that I am not up to date. I have spoken to att and they tell me that there is nothing they can do... 

Can anyone help me?
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Cosmic Ray
Hey. Have you tried rebooting into recovery and then do a cashe wipe? The repair apps option won't hurt as well while your in recovery. Then boot up and try to update.

Is the OTA update showing up in your devices software update menu and still failing too?

Is it an Exynos device that's rooted with modified system files? If so you'll need to either factory reset the device or flash specific files from Odin onto your device.