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Note20 will not connect to mobile data

Sonce i had my phone fir the last two weeks, it will not connect to mobile data. Sprint says it is a Tmobile/Samsung 5g problem. But i have tried to use 4G and 3g. They don't work either. Supposedly it is a known problem,  then why are they continuing to sell these phones if they know about this. I have to wait until I get a location with wifi to gst a data connection. So frustrating for a $1000 device.  Anyone else experiencing thi? 

I am in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. 


Re: Note20 will not connect to mobile data

I am experiencing this with Tmobile. If I turn off WiFi and open the Tmobile App it shows a problem and gives and option to fix it. clicking that resets a couple of things and it works as it should for awhile until I have to do it again. But I am thinking that the issue is a Tmobile one