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One UI 3 is so bad. Why you do dis?

(Topic created on: 1/24/21 4:57 AM)
WHYYYYY. If i had known, i would never have dropped $1300, the 120hz doesnt justify the price tag anymore.

Productivity :chart_decreasing:
Time to complete actions :chart_increasing:

Smartphones have replaced my laptop in many ways. That said, post One UI 3, i see myself reaching for it more and more so. I understand thaf Android 11 brought a good chunk of its own issues eith Google neglecting to patch bugs that had been discovered in their beta releases but reaaaally? Honestly, pleaseeeeee fix your team. I know, no one cares. Most people will be butt hurt cause im speaking the truth about their investment but WOW. I have been a solid Samsung smartphone customer for over a decade (S3, Note 5, Note 8 and now Note 20 Ultra) and you have surprised me. Im surprised that even with all this impressive hardward, a single software update has sent me out the window.

I reaaally dont want to switch (spen is a huge plus in my day to day) but WOW.
Please, please hear your customers as we b***** and moan. Please. I want more Samsung products, i really do. That said, its becoming a hurdle. Yes, my expensive, marketed as top of the line purchase, is ACTUALLY holding me back and slowing me down.

Plan b for me is rooting, wiping this bs off and starting a new with another brand in a year or two (not Apple of course, im trying to go forwards not backwards, lol).

Even something as small as the notifivation bar (being able to bounce it up and down as i read my messages, man what a drag)
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note10plus only
Totally agree with everything your saying. I've had huge regrets since the Android 11 update. They shouldn't have released this without the patches from Google. It completely ruined my phone experiencewith my s20. I've also been a long time Samsung user (15 yrs).

And the other day when my phone got stuck in a boot loop and I was forced to do a factory reset. I almost threw the phone across the room. And then know that I had to factory reset before properly backing up my phone almost had me in tears. I lost a lot of photos that were of precious memories and important information.

I don't know what Samsung devs were thinking rushing this OS to the public. This has been the worst experience I've had with an update.

I've decided that I'm finally moving on from Samsung. For pushing a hideous update and for the dumb decisions they're making with the s21, no expandable storage, no headphones in the box, no charger in the box, only the s21 ultra gets pen support, the smallest s21 has a plastic back (but still a big price tag and that's even with nothing in the darn box!). I can't anymore. As many ppl have said Samsung is turning into Apple. So I might as well become an Apple sheep at this point ( or Google, Motorola or LG).

SAMSUNG YOU REALLY LET A LOT OF PPL DOWN! I wish you listened to your customers for real.
Yeah! So true, everything! Its tough to switch but i guess it has to happen at some point. They really are turning into apple. i myself cant stand ios so in a year or so, im hoping LG or Google will release a decent device and ill just deal with it along with the savings $$$.