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Phone Repair

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Good evening.  Any one else have any issues after sending their phone in for a repair? I mailed my Note 20 Ultra in on March 27th. Samsung received my phone on March 31st. The next day (April 1st)  I was billed $117 for the repair. I paid the same day. April 6th I called Samsung to try and get an update because when I track my repair status it still says "date not available"  for repair status. The representative told me my phone should be repaired by Thursday the 8th or Friday the 9th and I'll get an email. That they had to wait for my payment to be processed to proceed with the repair. The payment went through within a couple days of me paying but whatever. Thursday and Friday passes with no updates and no email. Status still says "date not available" so I chat with another representative on their website and am told basically I'll get an update when I get one. I asked when will I receive an email. All I'm told is that I'll get one when the phone is finished being repaired and they had just assigned someone to repair my phone. Here it is Monday, April 12 and still no update! I'm honestly getting really upset. I haven't had my phone  for 2 weeks and as far as I'm aware they still haven't begun my repair. I'm almost to the point of telling them to send me my phone back repaired or not and refund me my money. I'm very unhappy with their customer service thus far and their lack of care. To expect someone to be without their phone this long is unacceptable. Not to mention its been well over the 7 to 10 business days I was told it would take. I just really need my phone back. And would appreciate an actual update. Not just a "you'll get it when you get it" type of response. Especially when I will be traveling this Thursday to see my dying father with no form of communication. 
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I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. Can you provide me a ticket number in a private message so I can look into this for you? http://bit.ly/2GGYul4

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