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Phone doesnt stream Viki while on a phone call

(Topic created on: 3/3/21 9:16 PM)

Hi All,

     I am trying to stream VIKI videos while I am talking to my friends.  We often watch the same dramas together and discuss, while on the phone with each other.  I recently bought a Galaxy Note  Ultra 5G.  I can stream YouTube, Netflix, and HBOMax while I am talking on the phone, but not the app VIKI.  I've asked my other friends if they are able to, but no one has this problem but me.  Is there anything I need to do on my phone  to accommodate settings from that app?  Does anyone else use VIKI and are you able to stream and talk at the same time?


I've called my phone provider and they say it's not a problem on their end since the other apps stream fine.  ViKI has actually not contacted me back and so this is my last resort.  I could do it fine with my Galaxy Note 8....

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