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Pocket Unlock

So I notice that when I'm at work (I haven't noticed elsewhere) that when my Note 20 is on my pocket, the screen will wake up and register a tap on the clock face, enlarging it which displays hours:minutes:seconds. I know this because I will have one of my Buds Lives in my ear and can here the sound of tapping. I'll have to pull my phone out and turn off the display or press the power button while in my pocket. But it will do it again a moment later.

I already have the Prevent Accidental Touches turned on. Is there anything that I can do WITHOUT keeping Double Tap To Wake turned off? That's the only thing I've found that works.

If it matters: I'm using a MagGlass tempered glass screen protector on my phone. Since I don't have another, I wouldn't want to try and remove the protector and test it during a work day.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you had the same issue with your Note 20 or 20 Ultra?

Re: Pocket Unlock

I have the same exact problem with my s10. one way I have lowered the frequency of this happening is to only have the clock toggle enabled for the always on display and nothing else like the weather page,next scheduled alarm, etc.