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Problem with My Files searching

Note20 Ultra(unlocked) 512gb with 512gb micro SD.

I am having a problem when using My Files search. If I search for a file or folder I know is on my phone it doesn't show up. Only shows up on my drive. I have played around a little bit, the file is 3 directories in so
I assume it is because the folder after root is huge(251gb) If I search for any file or folder in that directory it will not show anything. So nothing past
However I have other smaller folders(10.2gb) on the root directory that it will search in
SD/DCIM/folder/folder/folder/I can still search
Is there a way to force My Files to index the entire SD card? It's very odd because it won't index the 
folder either, even though it's small 1.5gb. But it will index another larger(14.9gb) folder 
I realize this is very odd and maybe hard to follow so please let me know if I can clear anything up. Or if someone knows how to force My Files to re index the drive. It is primarily used for (read only) backup storage, so it is not very often changed or added.
Thank you,