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Question about note 20 ultra

Hello. I am from Romania, and in my country, from the official Samsung Store, I can only buy the Exynos version of the note 20 ultra. I don't wanna spend that much money on an inferior phone and I am willing to buy one from another retailer in my country that sells snapdragon versions. I am not concerned about the warranty, never had a problem with my phones and I'm confident I will not need it (also the seller offers some sort of warranty, I will not take the phone directly to Samsung I'd take it to the seller), my only question and worry are for the signal and network of the snap phone. I tried to google to find out if that phone will work in my country but I can't find anything and I was wondering if you guys could help me. My carrier in Romania is Vodafone (I'm not in a city with 5g, so right now that's not a problem)

the version of the phone I'm interested in is " N9860 "


Re: Question about note 20 ultra

the 9860U1 unlocked (Bootloader) samsung note 20 ultra has all network bands necessary to operate properly in your country. The phone is 5G compatible and will work on lower G speeds, 4G, 3G..