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Ringtones won't stick

(Topic created on: 3/25/21 9:06 AM)

Weird problem.  I have a Note 20 Ultra on Verizon.  I can set ringtones just fine and they seem to work immediately after setting them, but then at some point they revert back to a default tone (ringtone 5913).  I've tried setting the ringtone using Zedge and with the SecSoundPicker option, which seems to be the Samsung/Android option.  I've tried downloading the ringtone with Zedge and selecting it after and same result.  They always seem fine at first, but it always ends up back at ringtone 5913.  Any ideas?  

Not sure it's relevant, but I also have a Gear Sport watch.  I saw somewhere that people were having issues with notifications with watches, so just thought I'd mention it.

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