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S-View and LED Wallet Covers

(Topic created on: 3/11/21 12:15 PM)
I posted this to Facebook a few weeks ago and was advised to also post it here for maximum visibility, so here goes...
I came here to Karen. I have owned every Note except the 7. I also owned every S-View cover. I currently have the Note 20 Ultra and you have utterly FAILED us with the OEM covers.
Removing the tri-fold from the S-View was a MAJOR disappointment. Making the window on the edge was just plain stupid and now I read causes screen burn-in. So after 5 months of using the S-View, I bought an LED Wallet cover to avoid the burn.
This thing this is an abomination. The LED display looks outdated and doesn't even stay on permanently for those of us who use our phones as alarm clocks. The icons you can create are juvenile. The whole thing is frankly embarrassing and impractical.
This is a $1400 super computer and really the best smartphone out there. These covers are an insult. Do better.
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