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Samsung Bixby dictation improvement and learning new words/phrases

Currently, the only voice assistant that can learn is the Apple Siri. I wish Bixby could be trained to be more accurate and also learn/recognize new words and phrases. 


I use a text-to-speech device (Dragon Medical One) to write my note at work and this really saves time and the amount of clicks. 


Apple users who use Siri for dictation, experience an almost similar experience to this text-to-speech device. 


For example, Bixby was never able to learn the word "levetiracetam" even when I provided feedback. 


The text-to-speech feature with Bixby is quite awful at this current state. Even simple, everyday phrases are commonly misunderstood/incorrectly transcribed. For example, I said "Thank you for the update", it was written "Bank you for the update". What is frustrating is that it's not the mic that's an issue. With Dragon Medical One (the text-to-speech software that I use at work), I use my phone as my mic and there are no flagrant issues with the transcription. I suspect that the software could be improved.


Perhaps a partnership with Nuance Dragon Medical One or MModal Fluency for Transcription would help improve this functionality.