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Samsung Messages nigh unusable at present

(Topic created: 09-26-2021 09:51 PM)
I just want to express the extreme frustration felt due to a distinct lack of *ANY KIND* of anti-spam and/or unknown number filtering features available within Samsung's Messages app (specifically on Note 20u OS versions). 

Combine this with the utterly abysmal anti-spam SMS/MMS response from major US cellular carriers (including some Carriers' explicit attempts [AT&T] at monetizing their own failures via paid subscription anti-spam services for their own voice, SMS, MMS, etc), and what results is the Samsung Messages app itself becoming nigh defunct due to incessant, unsolicited SMS/MMS message notifications and/or resultant spam reporting steps necessary... 

Instead, I'm forced to either disable nearly all advanced settings for SMS/MMS and/or the all the Samsung Messages app features themselves (essentially returning to circa 2006-era text messaging); or—the method I've been driven to in the above frustration—I just start disabling all Samsung branded Messaging apps completely, and simply using Google's default Android apps obtained via Appstore. 

PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO FIX! I shouldn't have to purchase a subscription service just to access the originally advertised (and increasingly unimpressive/uninspired) orignal OS features and software foror my $1500 premium Samsung handset... 
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Cosmic Ray
Are you using this feature on your device? Screenshot_20210929-103059_Call settings_23866.jpg