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Samsung note 20 Security issues (Face ID AND FINGER PRINT SENSOR)

Based on my overall experience with SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE and tech support and extreme frustration of GETTING TRANSFERRED FROM ONE TECH SUPPORT TO ANOTHER 5 TIMES troubleshooting the phone Samsung Note 20, I have given up. There are multiple problems with this device and after trouble shooting and resetting the phone multiple times by the tech support, I was told now to mail the phone. I’m a surgeon (Front line worker) and don’t have the advantage of doing this because of the innumerable incoming calls from my patients and calls related to work. I was told they would not give any consideration to replace or upgrade the device which I specifically mentioned that I will pay the difference.


Please take into consideration “All I was told is we can " NOTHING FOR YOU as we are tech support “I reinforced I save lives and I have no leeway to stay without a phone BECAUSE OF MY BUSY SCHEDULE AND THE WORK I DO and this company DID NOT CARE TO DO ANYTHING .

 Each time they made a ticket to troubleshoot and transferred me to customer service. I got transferred back to tech support and go over the process again. IT WAS FRUSTRATING, DISCONCERTING AND DISAPPOINTING.


 I have never experienced this kind of substandard customer service and a horrible tech support experience. What compounded the problem was each time the new tech support will start the process of troubleshooting and start doing the same thing without reading the ticket and concerns by the previous tech support and then quit in the end saying, I understand, sorry and thank you. We did everything. MAIL THE PHONE WHICH WILL TAKE 7-10 BUSINESS DAY " AND We have limited options for you"


 The phone still has the same problem and I’m frustrated dealing with this product which I purchased from Samsung online store 50 days ago.





Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung note 20 Security issues (Face ID AND FINGER PRINT SENSOR)

Can you please elaborate on the symptoms you are experiencing with your Face ID and fingerprint sensor?

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