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Screen Flickering and freezing.

Note 20 Ulta scsreen flickering/Freezing especailly when switching between apps. Most problematic Messeges/ Facebook/Maps especailly when they are in small screen mode. 

Called samsung 7 times. Happening since got the phone. Previously was able to retstart  the phone but now the phone even does not let you use the power button as it is in screen and every time you touch that buton it goes to flickering as its having a seizure. Very disappointed with this purcahse. Reset  the phone then factory reset and then called U break I fix on samsung advise, They said its likley hardware problem. The only solution samsung offers is to send the phone to their ware house so basically you be without phone for a week or so. I am so close to literraly break the screen with a hammer and switch to iphone.been with samsung for 11 yeras amd have almost gotten all thier phones on yearly basis. have spent hrs with samsung customer service they are not helpful.