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Speaker, mic, volume is very low

Very low sound for media and video calls

Very low mic for video calls, people can't hear

2 months later, very low media then it totally disappears.

My fone has been having mic,speaker/volume issues since DAY 1 especially with FB messenger calls. I believe a week after having issues, I called Samsung and told them I want a new phone, they told me I have to bring it to a location and be without my phone while it get fixed. Another inconvenience.

I guess this is a con for purchasing an unlocked device directly from the manufacturer.<span;> I'm use to t-mobile just shipping a new device, switch it out and I'm never without a phone.

Since it happens occasionally and randomly, I thought I would try to get to know the phone more and try to figure out why and when it occurs before I dismiss it but its just too much work and inconvenience. I shouldn't pay over 1k for a phone that I have to fix or be unhappy with the first week. It happens at the wrong time and place.

I was watching a video on FB, a FB alert came through and the volume went. I opened IG to test and it worked fine for about 20 minutes, volume went. I opened YouTube, and at the Max, the volume was very low. After 3 minutes the volume went completely. This is very annoying and frustrating. Here I am 3 months later with the same issues and more. I need a reliable phone and this isn't it.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Speaker, mic, volume is very low

There are a few things that can cause issues with the speaker while you are on call or listening to audio playback through your Galaxy phone. For example, there could be an external device where the audio is being redirected. It's also possible that a software problem or physical damage is causing the issue. Give this link a try:

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