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Tmobile wont unlock phone bought from Samsung

(Topic created: 06-23-2021 09:00 PM)

I have 3 phones with T-Mobile and have switched to Verizon.  The Verizon sim cards worked with the 2 phones but didn't work for the Samsung Note 20.  The message I received was that my phone was locked - the network lock status is locked. When I attempted to go to the settings to do a "permanent unlock" then the next message was "Couldn't unlock your phone.  Your phone isn't eligible to be unlocked.  Reason code: 132".  I have made multiple calls to T-Mobile only to have them say that since I bought the phone from Samsung, then Samsung needs to unlock the phone.  I have made multiple calls to Samsung and they tell me that they have no access to the phone sim card and they can't unlock the phone.  Samsung then tells me that I have to go back to T-Mobile to have them unlock my phone.  I have been trying to resolve this issue for more than 8 hours. This experience has been exhausting and unprofessional.  My research on the internet was that there have been numerous requests/questions regarding this issue and the only answer that has been documented is to "pay" a 3rd party company to unlock the phone.  If a third-party company can do that then why can't T-mobile.....the company that owns the sim card and could in fact unlock the phone from its network?  Or if Samsung is selling these so-called unlocked phones then there needs to be a message to T-mobile customers that this situation exists so that customers can make an informed decision if they want to buy a phone and endure the run-around that exists between Samsung and T-mobile.  All I want is to have my phone unlocked.  Will someone please provide a fix to this problem.

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How long have you owned the phone that won't unlock? TMobile won't unlock a phone before a certain number of days/months of service with them, even if you switch carriers.
Cosmic Ray
I have had issues getting phones unlocked from other carriers also. Now, I'm only purchasing unlocked phones direct from the manufacturer. I'm not throwing a ton of cash at a provider when I've paid off my phone.

My issues were with Sprint. I would suggest getting to your local T mobile corporate store, not a 3rd party reseller, and see if they can't get it unlocked. It's an OTA thing, and it's supposed to be fairly simple.