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Update Issues Every Time

(Topic created: 06-21-2022 08:57 PM)
Red Giant
Why can't Samsung release an update that doesn't break something on their devices? Case in point, my Note 20 Ultra took top of the line pictures, especially in low light conditions with Auto HDR and Scene Optimizer enabled. Since the update to Android 12 One UI 4/4.1 neither work and night mode no longer processes properly or in some cases, not at all. All for a parlor trick of low light portrait mode, a feature most users are not interested in. Others are having well documented issues from inability to make phone calls to Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Other manufacturers seem to be able to release operating system updates without wreaking havoc with their devices. Why can't Samsung?
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Same thing happened to me with the latest May update on my s20 ultra, the main camera was working fine and after that became blurry when trying to zoom in on the picture. Still waiting to see if a future update will fix it.