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Where is ESIM setting in unlocked Note20 U?

(Topic created: 09-13-2021 11:20 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Its been 6 months since T-mobile enabled ESIM for Note20 Ultra,  and there is still no setting in my unlocked Note 20 Ultra phone. When I talk to either Samsung or TMobile customer support,  they says its because of the other. Its ridiculous how as companies both have been lying to us. 

I posted about this earlier in this forum but no mods ever replied. 
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Yeah that part is true. That is a problem if Samsungs making. They release too many devices. That have like 40 **bleep**ty low end devices that they release each year. A02, A12, A32, the entire M series which is just rebranded A series devices for different markets globally. They rely heavily on carriers for update support because of the amount of devices they have.