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calling out to all who may know what is going on with the Note 20 Ultra 5G 😫

(Topic created on: 1/6/21 2:01 PM)

Tried googling, going on reddit, asking text chat w samsung. I've always had issues w this noteultra5G since I bought it the week it came out w T Mobile, and didn't go public with thr fact I couldn't send or receive mobile data and lost all texts and such for 3 months due to fhd phones inability to read and detect the SIM card, and it seems this will also reoccur anytime now again according to articles that you really have to dig for. It took over 30 sypport agents to finally get the answer thank God and protect that T Mobile employee for troubleshootimg and researching for 3 hours. But is anyone w Samsung never able to keep a stable connection when using buds or headphones w/ Bluetooth & stable wifi?? It would frequently mute me on mic without me knowing, so on their end they think it's their device which wastes time needed for especially serious meetings. It will make a sound when connectivity has stopped by saying its disconnecting, which happens every 10-20 min. I've bought 4 pairs of high quality buds yet it sounds horrible no matter how I change the audio settings. Any advice would be great bc this has been awful for work and meetings and overall I'm not sure if this would qualify for getting a new phone since T Mobile has allegedly notified us (didnt) and didn't offer a solution except that hopefully you feel nostalgic putting the sim in your old phone :)man idk bc I love the camera as it's better than the galaxy20 and new iPhone but this b 2 much.

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