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I am a Samsung Customer of the Galaxy Line From Model S4, T-Mobile Client From 2015 to 2019, migrating to ATT and Returning in 2020. Always On All Plans Contracts I got insurance for the Devices, (obviously even because they are more expensive). In the year 2020 I returned to the operator T-Mobile and opted to buy the New Galaxy Note Ultra, model still in pre-sale at the time, I hired the service by the name of my company, at the time everything was alright, the plan was active, more The store needed to close because it was already 9 pm, the T-Mobile employee, told me everything was okay, he would just finish the rest (Insurance, discounts etc ...) the other day but everything was okay. Okay . My account was on automatic debit. There was never a monthly report. Values ​​were always the same, I never worried. On the 24th of April, I had an accident with my cell phone breaking the screen, and damaging the functions of the device, I contacted OPERATOR TMOBILE and they told me that I had no insurance, that I had never hired. I was told to contact the store that I bought the device, the Employee no longer works at the store, they said that they could not do ANYTHING. That was my word against that of an employee who doesn't even work at the company anymore. Moral of the story, I had to pay for the repair, Samsung said that it did not give a guarantee. AND Because of an IRRESPONSIBILITY of an employee, they DO NOTHING to the Client.

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